Meet Marito - From the Streets Towards a Better Future

Despite his young age, the 11-year old Mário Alexandre, better known as “Marito”, has already lived a lot. There was a time he did not know what school is, and much less a home. The ADPP Children’s Town boarding school and center for abandoned children and orphans where he now lives with the altogether 57 other vulnerable children is a far cry from the streets of Maputo where he grew up after having been abandoned by his parents six years ago in Gaza Province.

Today, Marito is often chosen to lead activities and to represent the Center in various occasions. He is also one of the most active pupils in the 5th grade and writes better than some of the children in the 6th.

What would Marito like to do in the future then? He smiles shyly before confessing. “I would like to be a car mechanic.” In the meanwhile, he will continue constructing the small cars made of tin cans, corks and fishing wire so admired and coveted by the other boys of the Children’s Town.

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