Meet Rosa Matsinhe

The Story of Rosa Matsinhe, 26 years, Manhiça


“I remember when the Field Officer first visited my house and started to talk about HIV. I felt quite intimidated. Then, all of a sudden, she started talking about an issue that was related to the health problems I was having at the time. I was impressed by her words: it seemed as if she was talking about me, about my life, about my problems. Desperate as I was, I opened myself up to her. I told about my health problems and about my fear of going to the hospital and taking tests. I even told that I was pregnant.

The Field Officer then said that I would need to go to the health centre to open a pre-natal record and take some exams. At the health centre, they took all possible tests. I was shocked when I learned that the result of the HIV-test was positive. Luckily the Field Officer was there to support me. I started the HIV-treatment immediately.

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Thanks to the TCE Program and the Field Officer Aurora, he is also a healthy boy. I am very grateful for that. This is why I am today the “number one passionate” of the TCE Program in my area. I even help Aurora in identifying pregnant women and encouraging them to take the test.”