ISET / OWU graduates 17 new students in Pedagogy

OWU graduation 2014ADPP’s Higher Institute of Education and Technology, the “Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnologia - One World University (ISET/OWU)” recently hosted a graduation ceremony for 17 Pedagogy students (10 men and 7 women) at its premises located in Changalane, Namaacha district, Maputo Province. The graduation ceremony was attended by over 200 people.

The new graduates were awarded their Pedagogy diplomas which they received with great happiness.  The student valedictorian had this to say: "the past 3 years at OWU heightened our awareness about the plight of our communities and thus raised our commitment to work toward humanity’s cause. This course has equipped us with objectivity and horned our intellect. It also increased our sense of patriotism and the spirit of humanism.  The skills and principles instilled in us, we will take with for the rest of our lives!

The 17 graduates representing various provinces like Gaza, Manica, Maputo, Nampula, Sofala and Tete boldly committed to "transform their home districts into real development poles through the creation of bold and innovative initiatives".

Some of the dignitaries present at this graduation ceremony included the District Director of Education and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Provincial Directorate of Education and several local authorities.  Staff from ADPP´s different sectors also participated to lend the occasion support.

Training of new teachers - the focus of the entire ceremony.

The ceremony was informal, celebratory and conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with songs from former and present students of Pedagogy degree course and Community Development degree course.  The degree in Community Development is also offered by ISET / OWU. All speeches delivered focused on the high expectations of these 17 new graduates to meet the demand for highly qualified teaching professionals that will bring complete revolution in the delivery of teaching and learning.
After the congratulatory messages to the new graduates, the ceremony ended with a group photo shoot and a celebratory lunch prepared by the university’s cooks working together with the students and teachers 2014 Pedagogy team.


One of the very important objectives of One World University /ISET is to contribute to the training of Mozambican education professionals and to ensure the strengthening of institutional capacity of schools.  This is in order to facilitate that in the medium and long term Mozambique will have professionals who will work to improve the lives of all Mozambicans.

ADPP believes that one of the strategies to achieve this objective is to train and empower teachers and other professionals by enhancing their knowledge and skills to contribute to promoting innovation and creativity in the Mozambican education system. With this Pedagogy Training Course ADPP intends to instill the identity and the professionalism of the staff and education personnel that can meet the educational challenges of today and of tomorrow within a broad chain of educational settings.

In professional practice graduates can be employed in several areas such as:

  • Teachers in secondary and vocational schools, working with young people in finding solutions to life's challenges through a training program and important and relevant education;
  • Educators in programs and adult training institutions, both formal and informal, which meet adults’ needs in their present living conditions and help them succeed in their educational aspirations;
  • Education Policy advisers within the education system in government institutions or organizations working on the development of education, policy development and planning.