ADPP promotes active citizenship amongst young Mozambicans

acordo-gon-adppOn the 29th of September a partnership agreement was signed between ADPP and Gabinete do Ordenador Nacional, GON, (EU-Government Liaison Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) for the financing of a project to promote the concept and practice of citizenship amongst young Mozambicans.

This initiative will be implemented over a 3 year period working with young girls and boys  between 9 and 17 years old at an estimated cost of 318,228 Euros, 94% financed by the European Union. It is an initiative of ADPP in partnership with Associação Moçambicana para a Promoção da Cidadania (AMOPROC) and Associação Moçambicana para o Desenvolvimento e Sustentabilidade Humana (VUKKA), two Mozambican non-governmental organizations which work in this area.
The specific objective of this initiative is to strengthen young Mozambicans’ capacity to understand the concept of citizenship and rally them to action. In this vein, this initiative proposes to raise the ability of selected schools to train citizens and make them conscious of their duties and rights; to raise the knowledge and practices about citizenship amongst the young girls and boys and to mobilize them to participate in networks/forum/citizenship organizations.

This initiative’s main target group are young girls and boys from pre-selected schools, 5 of which are ADPP, 5 state schools and Dom Bosco Community Secondary School. 5 ADPP schools which will take part are Maputo Teachers’ Training College, Maputo Vocational College, “No Caminho da Vitória” Secondary School and “Patrice Lumumba” Secondary School (all in Machava), and Cidadela das Crianças, a school for orphans and vulnerable children located in Costa do Sol.   The 5 state schools taking part in this initiative are: EPC 5 de Fevereiro, EPC Machava "A”, EPC Machava "J", EPC Língamo and EPC Trevo primary schools.

The goal of this initiative is to reach 1,450 people as follows: 1,200 students (600 boys and 600 girls) from the target schools; 180 students from ADPP Teachers´ Training Colleges; 30 teachers and 20 directors from participating schools; 18 trainers and 2 directors from ADPP Teachers´ Training Colleges.