ADPP graduates 1,336 new primary school teachers

Graduao Professores 2015 para website finalAt the end of 2015, ADPP Mozambique’s Teacher Training Colleges (known as Schools for the Teachers of the Future) or “EPF’s”, graduated a total of 1,336 primary school teachers. The majority of these graduate teachers are destined to teach in the most disadvantaged rural areas of the country. 1,195 of these new teachers underwent a 1 year teachers’ training program, whilst 141 of them went through the 3 year training program.  

By the end of 2015, a total of 15,578 primary school teachers had graduated from ADPP EPF’s located in all the 11 provinces since the opening of the 1st EPF in Maputo. 

According to Birgit Holm, Executive Director of ADPP Mozambique, the number of graduates spread countrywide demonstrates the close collaboration between ADPP and the Government. It also shows the contribution made by this institution in improving the quality of education in Mozambique.

The teacher training program offered in ADPP’s EPFs is “a direct response to the call for quality education in Mozambique".  The EPFs are pioneering new forms of education through the training of a new generation of teachers geared to create learning experiences with varied content and quality for their students. Teachers trained in these EPFs are prepared to work in often difficult circumstances, fighting to improve the education of their students, supporting primary schools and the communities in which they live to resolve concrete needs associated with malnutrition and access to water, among others.

To ensure the quality of the teachers trained, the EPF’s apply modern methods that put the student at the center of the learning experience, participating in decision-making, management and general school upkeep; assuming responsibility for some of the chores in the boarding facilities, such as cleaning and maintenance of these facilities, doing kitchen duties, working in the fields and in generating other food sources for the school like rearing small animals.

The ADPP Teacher Training Colleges graduates have a reputation for being exceptionally motivated in their work, skilled in using the latest pedagogical methodologies and interested in the holistic development of the pupils they teach.

It should be noted that eight of the ADPP EPF’s follow the 1 year training model and the three remaining implement the 3 year program. In both training programs, pedagogical practice in the neighboring primary schools and interaction with local communities is given a central role.