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School Feeding Project “Food for Knowledge” was renewed for another 5 years and extended to more students and primary schools.

DSC 0441In 2013, ADPP Mozambique started implementing the School Feeding Project “Food for Knowledge”, a 3 and half year comprehensive school feeding, nutrition and education initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. The project is being implemented by ADPP Mozambique in 4 districts of Maputo Province, within the Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PRONAE) of Mozambique Government. Planet Aid has signed the implementation contract of “Food for Knowledge” in the past December for an extension of 5 more years, until September 2020, as a result of the success obtained in the implementation of the Project in all its aspects.

The "Food for Knowledge" Project has now two new components of Literacy and School Production.
The new component of Literacy, besides the existing school clubs, aimed at children from the 1st to the 7th school year, distribution of pedagogical material and awards to students and teachers, has now an additional focus in students and teachers of 1st to 3rd year, so that children can learn how to read, write and add through teachers trainings, and also through the production of books and other reading materials for literacy activities. To develop this component, a specialized organization, Cambridge Education, was contracted.

In school production, the current number of school vegetable gardens will be extended from 51 to 60 schools, with the creation of needed water supply infrastructures. In the Project extension is also scheduled the development of 8 large machambas, with an area of up to 2 ha, which will serve not only as a learning place for students, but above all as food producers, another step for the sustainability of school food.

The aim of the “Food for Knowledge” Project is to improve the academic performance and to keep students in school; the general nutrition and health of a total of 74.000 school children through the distribution of daily school meals in 265 selected primary schools; and teaching quality through teachers’ training and extracurricular activities. For this purpose, the School Food Project is already supporting the training of a total of 4.000 primary teachers from ADPP’s Teachers Training Schools, and supplying to each intensive courses about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Several campaigns will also be organized among the children parents and community members to create awareness about the importance of a balanced diet.

In order to guarantee that schools have the necessary means to prepare daily school meals, access to drinking water and adequate latrines, the Project also promotes the construction of warehouses, kitchens, wood-saving stoves and wells, will install water pumps, and will guarantee that there will be separate latrines for boys and girls.

In what concerns health, besides the work already done with the regular delousing of children, the “Food for Knowledge” Project will work together with the Health Ministry in the voluntary testing for tuberculosis, focused in the populations of the schools neighboring communities.
At the end of the period now extended, a total of 82 million school meals will have been served by “Food for Knowledge”, benefitting directly not only the children involved but also the rural communities where they reside, and widening the network of nutrition training all over the country, through the students and future teachers from ADPP Mozambique Teachers Training Schools.