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Representative of the European Comission Visits ADPP Mozambique.

EU Visit ADPP CitizenshipThe Desk Officer of DEVCO (Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development) of the European Commission, Isabelle Arrault, visited ADPP Mozambique as one of the beneficiary organizations of funds from the European Commission. The representative was accompanied by a delegation which included Leone Tarabusi, Team Leader Chefe of PAANE (Programa de Apoio aos Actores Não Estatais), Laurence Burckel, Administrator of PAANE, Margarida Adamo, GON program Manager(Gabinete do Ordenador Nacional)  and Telma Chiquepo, GON Director’s Assistant.

The European Union delegation had a work meeting with ADPP’s Executive Director, and other staff working with the project, and visited one of the program’s beneficiary schools, the Secondary School “No Caminho da Vitória” (NCV). During the meeting, a presentation of ADPP’s action areas and its over 60 ongoing programs and projects was made. A detailed presentation of the Citizenship project was also presented.

ADPP is implementing the Active Citizenship Promotion project among young people between 9 and 17 years old, for a period of 3 years, within PAANE, in cooperation between the Mozambican Government and the European Union.

Up to the time of this visit, the Project had been officially launched to the public; it has been presented to the schools taking part, and started training activists of the schools that will implement the creation of clubs. The Project had also formalized the collaboration with the main program partners, namely, AMOCA (responsible for the thematic training of the clubs on the issues of citizenship) and VUKKA (responsible for the coordination of the socio-cultural and recreational aspects). Apart from this, the Project had started the field studies for the identification of the current level of perception and application of citizenship issues by the beneficiaries, so that the results brought by the project can be measured at a later stage.

During the visit to “No Caminho da Vitória” School, Isabelle Arrault had the opportunity to meet with the  teachers and students of the school, and she was informed about the NCV readiness and involvement in the Citizenship Project, as well as having the opportunity to meet with the activists already trained. This meeting constituted the visit’s highlight since they are the ones in charge of promoting the creation of Citizenship Clubs in schools, as well as guide the implementation of their activities. The clubs´ activities will focus on the promotion of citizenship values and practices among young people from schools and communities, the interaction with the surrounding communities, with other communities, with other organizations with similar agendas, and the participation in diverse debate forums about “Citizenship”.

In a short statement at the end of the visit, Ana Renieri, leader of the Section for the Civil Society in the European Union Delegation, said she hopes that the Citizenship Project “trains young people and endows them with skills to become active citizens in local public policies, and not to be afraid of speaking out to authorities, thus becoming references in their communities”.