MITESS and ADPP celebrate Memorandum of Understanding

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social SMinistra Trabalho na ADPP Webecurity and ADPP Mozambique recently signed a memorandum of understanding that defines cooperation in vocational training for young people for employment and self-employment and the implementation of support programs to combat HIV / AIDS among returnee workers from South African mines.
The Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony was attended by Her Excellency Dr. Victoria Diogo, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, ministry leaders, and  ADPP Mozambique workers and students.

On the occasion, the Minister Victoria Diogo welcomed ADPP , on behalf of the Government of Mozambique and her personal name, " the unavoidable work in Mozambique and how it has created and developed synergies with the Government , responding to the challenges that arise in our path as a nation . "

Among the guests present were the Director of the Matola District, Chief Administrative Officer of Machava and the Chief of Infulene district "A".

A Memorandum of Cooperation on Education and Health.

With regard to vocational training, the memo defines in general terms the cooperation between the parties and focuses on the implementation of activities and training in Psychopedagogy INEFP trainers and training in vocational guidance assigned technicians to placement services INEFP.
With regard to training and vocational training for young people, with priority for the most vulnerable and remote communities, eg. girls who have left primary school, the memorandum aims to teach through Short Term courses , based on market demands in various areas such as  installing electricity, plumbing, selling techniques, agriculture, animal husbandry, accounting, hospitality and tourism, among other areas of interest. Programs for young people, girls in particular, will be implemented with the support of local and international partners. An example is a new project called "Girls Inspire", which aims to empower women and girls against early marriages and pregnancies in Nacala, Nampula Province. This is one of the projects in the initial phase, in which mobile INFP workshops, in collaboration with ADPP facilitators, financed by an international partner, will cover the girls who hardly leave the communities they live in.
To combat HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis within the former miners, their families and other related persons, the memorandum aims at incorporating programs to combat the epidemic in this target group as well as support for their families (wives and children) in matters of HIV / AIDS.
To allow the materialization of the Memorandum of Understanding, the parties have defined responsibilities for their flexibility, which highlights the contribution of the two institutions in creating conditions for the development of activities to be implemented.