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Promoting Active citizenship among young Mozambicans celebrating a year of intense activities

Cidadania banner lateralAfter a year of intense activities, the Project "Promotion of Active citizenship among young Mozambicans", implemented by ADPP Mozambique, has conducted a series of actions that resulted in behavioral changes in covered schools and communities.

Socio-cultural events were held at Trevo primary school and 5 de Fevereiro at Patrice Lumumba Secondary and NCV, with debates and awareness campaigns about alcohol problems and drugs, urban sanitation and gender equality among others affecting young Mozambicans.

The singer Mingas, representative of one of ADPP partners in implementing the Citizenship Promotion Project among Mozambicans Youth, sang songs like "Alirandzo" and "Ihonipho", alluding to citizenship, in all events, which involved an average of 750 people present in each.

In addition to the socio-cultural events, the Project has spurred an intense cleaning action of the urban environment around the 5 de Fevereiro School, covering the "Infulene A"district, where the school establishment is located, which was followed by a debate with 800 people of that community about the problem of child pregnancy and forms that exist to prevent that.

In order to teach young people to collect waste and recycle it, 16 ISET / OWU graduated students from the Community Development course,  ADPPs higher education establishment did traineeship at  10 of the 11 schools covered by the citizenship Project  (abbreviated name of the project).

So far, 60 Citizenship Clubs have been created in schools and, for that matter, 60 activists were formed that streamline the activities of each club. 862 young people aged between 9 and 17 years old, with the ultimate goal of the project being reaching a total of 1,200 young people, integrated into Citizenship Clubs, they practice it actively in their schools and communities in different themes such as environment, combating drugs and alcohol-related harm, denunciation and awareness of the "bullying" among others.

A major initiative to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the implementation of the Project will  take place on the 17th of September, under the theme "Cultural and Sports Festival in favor of Citizenship".